Playroom Decorated

The foundation recently updated the playroom for the Christmas period.


Playroom Complete

Thanks to your support we achieved our first and primary objective in 2014.


Alice's Wonderland Foundation

Alice's Wonderland Foundation was established in October 2006 in the memory of Alice Dillon. The objective of the foundation is to carry out projects that will benefit in particular the quality of life of seriously ill children and their families. The focus of these projects will largely be to provide tangible deliverables that endeavour to improve the quality of life of ill children and with a focus on increasing their experience of joy and happiness in difficult times.


The scope of projects that the foundation undertake or support will be those that it feels it can address successfully and which directly or indirectly improve the quality of life of these seriously ill children and their families.

The foundations activities will include as required:

  1. Fund Raising Events and Programmes to enable the delivery of projects as identified
  2. The dispersal of those funds in the course of the delivery of such projects
  3. Overseeing possibly delegated or outsourced
    1. project management
    2. project design
    3. project implementation
  4. The communications necessary to effectively promote and deliver successful fund raising programmes and the resulting projects.

For the foreseeable future the foundation will have a particular focus on the quality of life of the Children and families being cared for on the St. Johns oncology ward of Crumlin Hospital.

Initial Projects

The foundation decided that its initial objective was to deliver a radically improved playroom for the St. Johns oncology ward of Crumlin hospital. Thanks to the support we received from our fund raisers we completed that project in 2014 and have just recently completed some maintenance and up keep of its facilities. In addition, we have just decorated the playroom for Christmas.


Alice’s Wonderland Foundation continues to work closely with the Staff and Social Workers of St. John’s Ward identifying opportunities to provide whatever help we can to the Children being cared for and to their parents. Again we thank all our supporters and fund raisers that have enabled us to provide this help.